I WILL DANCE: The Documentary

Having had the pleasure and honor to narrate work for Joseph East (Freedom Foundation), I thought I’d post this information for the KickStarter project Joseph is currently working on getting financed. You’d be hard pressed to find a more purer cause.

Please reach out and support this project.

I WILL DANCE: The Documentary

Random Acts of Theatre Company (RATCo) is more than a theatre
company. To the girl who doesn’t know where she’ll sleep each night,
it’s a home. To the boy who prefers singing and dancing to football,
it’s a safe place. And to all the young people who are finding their
voices there, it’s a movement.

In Selma, Alabama, against the backdrop of segregated institutions and
the social ills that come along with extreme poverty (including
underperforming schools, rampant teenage pregnancy, and a murder rate
that is five times higher than the national average) RATCo’s young
people are breaking the familial and societal norms modeled around

In a city where young peoples’ fate seems predetermined by their
circumstances, I WILL DANCE is a defiant proclamation not to be
another statistic, teenage parent, or gang member.

The film follows RATCo’s journey to New York City. There, they share
their stories through an original show written and choreographed by
the participants themselves. Around every corner and with every
skyscraper, monument, and museum, there is a discovery. But their
greatest discovery is their own voice.