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I hate blogging.

I love reading blogs, but I hate having to blog. What with auditioning, marketing, drumming up work, and the actual performing of it, I have very little time to blog about it. That said, does the the world really need another blog about voiceover? Probably not. But like other voice over talent, and as self-serving as this may sound, I’ve created this blog to direct the many, many inquiries I receive from people interested in “getting into” voiceover. And there are many. I’ve been at the voice-over game about 12 years now, in addition to Film, TV and Stage work. When I started in earnest, little did I know that the Actors Strike of 2000 would be as crippling as it was. Still green and wet behind the ears, I started working with the best coaches and workout groups I could afford. As luck would have it, I was dating a girl at time would introduced me to a guy whom she knew through her cousin. After talking to him and hearing his 10 sec “Sprite” VO I knew what I’d be doing for the rest of my life.

Still, I get emails with the usual questions that range from: “How do I get into voiceover?”, “How do I get an agent?”, “Who produces VO reels and demos?” through to, “Would you take a listen to my demo and tell me what you think?” and, “Do you coach people new to voiceover?” With that in mind, my hope is that this blog can (in addition to promote some of my own awesome work) function as a resource, so to speak, for those new and beginning (and not so new or beginning) voiceover talent willing to work hard, learn the ropes and share in this voice over craft.

BTW: I will say to those just starting out, that Improv where I got my solid grounding in character development, is the mostly closely guarded secret to really melding personality and moment-to-moment honestly with voiceover work. ’nuff said.

Nathan Lang is a young, hip, conversational, friendly, genuine, versatile african-american voice over talent, and storyteller, with more than a decade of experience behind the microphone. Nathan works from his full broadcast-quality studio featuring (ISDN, Source-Connect, Telos Z/IP IP Codec, Phone-patch, .mp3, WAV and FTP capabilities) based in NYC – Internationally and Nationally. Nathan Lang markets himself as a performer who brings a uniquely individual style of storytelling to campaigns in nearly every media. With a sound that is in the neighborhood of 20’s-40’s, Nathan has provided rich narrative timelines for clients that have included: MTV,BET, NIKE, PBS, Pepsi, Verizon, SONY, Miller Beer, AT&T, Footlocker, and McDonald’s to name just a few. Wether you need voiceover talent for your next TV or Radio commercial, a Narrator for web explainer videos,  Radio Imaging talent for your Internet/terrestrial station, or Promo talent for your cable show, program or documentary, Nathan Lang might be your next voice.  Need a voice over talent for your next commercial, narrative or e brand? What story can Nathan tell for you?